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Interior Designer

Part-Time | Project Based
Subcontracted Position

If you have already been a part of the interior design industry and/or working as an interior designer independently, you may already know that this industry fluctuates with demand. At times we are looking to collaborate with and bring on an additional interior designer to our team depending on the project's needs, which may or may not include drafting services, conceptual interior design, space planning, specifying materials, and/or furniture selection. If you are an interior designer in the Rogue Valley who would like to be considered for one of our upcoming and/or future projects and could benefit from being a part of a design team part-time, professionally and maybe even emotionally, we would love to consider you. We understand how challenging it can be to build and run a business on your own and consider ourselves team-minded and collaborative. We are looking for partners who are like-minded, driven, responsive, reliable, friendly (of course), professional, and have a similar aesthetic to our own

Join Our Team
I feel confident in and/or have experience working in the following platforms:

We appreciate you sharing a little about yourself and are excited that you have decided to consider Hawk Interiors! After clicking Apply below, please email us a copy of your resume and any other information you may feel is useful (that was not already included above) to

Thank you! If we feel you may be a good candidate, we will be in touch to set up an in-person interview soon!

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